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Sep 17, 2010


Logo courtesy of jusburger blog

Proud winner of

Seems that Jus Burger is founded by Justin Bell, an experience chef for almost half his life.
After his training in U.K he worked in French, Italian and Swiss restaurants, hotels, events and
catering before heading to another part of the world before meeting his life partner Donna.

He did worked in Sydney and HK before settling in Perth. He's now the proud founder and owner of Jus Burgers,
Which is only available in Perth at the moment.

He's also a proud owner of

Q’ restaurant and El Pomposo in Hong Kong, Monza in Perth and Bunker Bay in Dunsborough.

Not bad looking eh

Jus Burger is a MUST TRY for fellow people who visits Perth. Burger is Unlike those in Malaysia.

The ones over here is BIG and JUICY.


Tuesday to Saturday
11.30am - 10.00pm

12.00pm - 9.00pm

Closed on Monday

You can always check out the map *

if you dont know the way.

Happy Eating


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