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Sep 17, 2010


Well, since this is the 1st new post i might as well post about my trip to Perth. Lets show some pictures 1st as an introduction.

Boarded the flight on 22nd. Frankly LCCT international hall was not that bad but then the 5hour flight from Kl to Perth was seriously terrible. Luckily that time there were not many passengers so there were alot of people that went way back to actually occupy the seats and made it into a bed. And my leg was a pillow as well for someone.

TERRIBLE, i could hardly sleep..

We arrived in Perth on 23rd in the morning. Its damn freezing as the temperature is only 4degrees. Grrrr.....

Well, not much to blog about what i did the 1st day cause was way too tired. Went to sleep once i reached home. Did went to city to find a jacket as i did not bring any warm clothes and its winter here.


William Leong said...

the last sentence in this post: sooooooo clever hor? hahahahha

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